I hope that the passionate youth of the day grow out to become fearless leaders tomorrow. That there will be equal and fair opportunities for everyone so that they can use what makes them great and unique to do something amazing. That people will be free to live as truest self and support other as they strive for authenticity. That as a larger community we will together stand in unity and embrace diversity.


I’ve been slowly but surely working on my Google update. I’ve discovered that is really hard to do detailed faces and watercolor when the faces are very small. This assignment has been testing my patience and I’ve been learning to let the paint dry before working on it too much.

I’ve been trying to practice doing different faces. This is a woman that I made up. Are used several different photos as references that I tried to create a character that felt more original. This is my first attempt doing drugs and that was fun. I’m drying the dreadlocks I decided not to worry too much over the details and add a more simplistic design.

This is a close-up of the president’s desk with the presidential seal. As I’ve been going long I’ve been trying different shading techniques with a pen. I found that it is easier to make a consistent shade if it’s a little bit darker. The only problem with this is that if I accidentally make to dark that I can’t go back and I said because it is in pen.


This is my Google doodle. People from around the world doing awesome things make up the letters. The G is a ballerina. The os are a firefighter and a politician standing side-by-side. The second she is a breast cancer doctor. The L is a woman’s rights activists and writer. The E is a Red Cross worker.

This is a close-up shot of my first story board.

2019 Final

Part 1: My work this semester

Part 2: Breadth Section

Although this project is unfinished I thank it is one of my favorite concepts. When it is finished it will be a political commentary peace about The current refugee crisis and how the US government has done nothing the two aid at the crisis. The storyboard format demonstrates my ability to use images and space to convey a message and create a narrative. it has also been very carefully planned out and drawn.

This page showcase is my ability to use different techniques with a pen to create texture and depth. Although some elements of the face are more stylized I use scratch hatching in the neck to demonstrate the shadow that lies under my hair and chin. Are used many layers of little lines to show the texture in the hair. One element I enjoy about that fine point sharpie is that it makes each line sharp and distinguished. I also chose this one because of the concept. The pace explore as hell I can get trapped in on Compass saying mine spirals that feel like Caverness bodies of water and what someone could drown. The piece explores how I can often feel like I am drowning in a body of water when I get trapped in a thought spiral.

My sister tells me that this is her favorite peace of mine, which I suppose is a good thing because it’s the one that I spent the most time. I chose it because it invites the observer to be curious about the narrative of the painting. The miss placed vine and bird in the subway car hours for there to be mixed interpretations. Details like the bird at her feet in the bird on the cover of her book allow the observer to even explore more in the question weather or not the woman is envisioning what she is currently reading about. The paining also showcases my use of shading and highlighting. Details in the hair and on the hand are especially good.

I love turning things into canvases and using them out side of their original intent. The CD is a flat surface that is used in the modern world to showcase art whether that be in music or in film form. Due to its musical connotations and modern style I thought it would be a perfect for the modern, colorful and vibrant city of Amsterdam. The use of orange paint and yellow tones helps unify the painting.

This patient showcases my ability to use charcoal and to capture emotion. By allowing myself to take my time with learning I was able to create good shadows convey a sense of depth. Her solemn expression and there tear on her cheek invokes a feeling into the heart of the observer.

I understand that this is not the best photo but I didn’t have a photo of the more finished version. I like the drawing because of the texture that I have created using a simple pen.

The style in this painting is much more stylized then by others which is why it would be good to include in the beadth. The symbolism of the paining is interesting to explore and is intended to demonstrate how refugees another missed placed people must carry their spiritual homes with them wherever they go like a flying turtle.

I mostly chose this one because I like the way that the eyes out.

I am joyed the work for you flowing sketch style in this drawing. I also really like the way his face and his hair turned out.

The shading turned out well and the yellow smoke coming from his eyes is this mysterious.

showcases that I can also use watercolors.

The mixed media creates an interesting texture and the use of bright colors in black-and-white creates contrast and makes the main image pop. The sweater also looks very realistic.

Part 3: Concentration

My concentration is inspired by cinematography and comics. Lately I’ve been fascinated with seeing how cinematography is broken down in two separate pieces. I think it is really interesting how different shots, lighting, and angles are used to help develop the narrative of a story. For my concentration I want to use a storyboard to execute this idea of manipulating lighting and angles to tell a story.


For the inside out project I decided to draw a portrait of myself to present my outside and I thought spiral protruding from I had to represent my inner self. Inside the thought spiral there is a cavernous body of water to demonstrate how my I thought spirals can be all encompassing and suffocating. Sometimes it can even feel like I am drowning in my own thoughts.

12/7/18 blog update

I finished my painting of the woman on the subway. Time to do it I think I have leaned a lot from this experience. I’ve learned about mixing colors, shading and highlighting. I found interesting about this project is that when I first started it the narrative that I had in mind was fairly flat but as the project has progressed that story has become much more developed. Part of me wants the story to be up to the beholder but I also like the idea of the negative that she is dreaming of things that she is reading about in her book.

November 30

Here’s the finished product of the parchment that I did with charcoal.

In this photo my couch is holding a paining of a barn that I did for him. I paid it out with a watercolor which was a real learning experience because I practically had to read teach myself how to get a custom to have using watercolors. The techniques with watercolors are very different from acrylics. Because I painted two barns what I need up happening as that must’ve made it mistake happened on the first one but then I was able to learn from them and make the second one better.

Now I am going back to add texture to the hair of a painting that I did a school year. During this assignment I’ve been working on mixing colors together to create this sort of a fact that I want. I’ve been using a lot of fine brushes to get the delicate details of curls.

November 9 update

This is a portrait of woman that I found on Pinterest. Are used charcoal and discovered how a lot of layering and technique goes into using charcoal. I accidentally scratched her cheek In the early stages of this drawing. To problem solve I drew a teardrop going down the same cheek as a way to trick the eye in to not noticing the scratch.

November 2nd blog update

This is a charcoal portrait of a woman that I start at the beginning of the year when I didn’t have any assignments are due and now I am going back to it to finish it. I am learning that if the charcoal it us taking a lot of shading for it to look just right. I haven’t used truck all day March so this project has been a fun learning experience.

I am using watercolors to make to barn cards for my cost country couches. It has been a long time since I’ve used watercolors and watercolors require a very different approach than acrylics due. I am slowly starting to remember how to work them write.